The Eastern Interlake Planning District uses cloud-based software Cloudpermit so you can complete the entire building permit process online on any mobile device.

With Cloudpermit, you can:  
• Apply for building permits at any time, from anywhere
• Check the status of your building permit or building inspection (when your application status changes, you’ll automatically receive an email letting you know)
• Schedule or cancel building inspections
• Communicate with your building department with time-stamped messages
• Pay for your building permit via e-transfer (sorry no credit card options)
• Request and submit changes to an existing building permit

How to get started:
To start, create your Cloudpermit account by visiting Cloudpermit currently supports Firefox, Google, and Safari browsers. Once registered, you can apply for building permits and track their progress online.

You will need to include the required attachments such as a site plan showing the placement of the structure and distances to the property lines, building plans and/or detail on construction and below are templates that can be used. New house construction and additions require complete set of drawings.
How-to videos and support materials:
Cloudpermit has a variety of resources to help you – check out Cloudpermit Support for instructions on the basics and watch the instructional videos below to learn how to use the software (watch more here):
'Cloudpermit - How to Submit a Building Permit Application' - video
'How to Send a Message on Cloudpermit' - video
'How to Request Inspections' - video

Let us know if you have any questions – we’re happy to help.